ATA Spec 300 Cat I, DOT 31 FP Case for O2 Cylinders.

4H2 Oxygen cylinder box (small).

Our Specialist Boxes meet ATA 300 Category 1 requirements as well as the flame and heat penetration requirements set forth in 49 CFR 173.168. Built tough to exceed rigorous air transport requirements, the durable and reusable oxygen cylinder shipping boxes have passed 280 cycle drop tests, ensuring durability that’s ATA 300-compliant. These lightweight plastic boxes help you save on shipping costs, all while offering reliability and ease of use. The containers have all of the necessary labels and markings including the DOT31FP to assure the shipment is expedited without delay.

Tested with the following bottles:

4.25 Cu. Ft. Bottle

7.15 Cu. Ft. Bottle

11 Cu. Ft. Bottle

22 Cu. Ft. Bottle

Product CodeInternal Dimensions Imperial Size Bundle Qty Bundles 1-4Bundles 5 +Qty
-776 61 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm 24" x 6" x 6" 1 £832.10 £800.10

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