Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper is a clean and light weight packaging material. It is ideal for wrapping around, or interleaving between products in boxes or containers.

Corrugated paper offers excellent protection against scratching and marring, and can be layered or "scrunched up" to create an effective cushioning material. Corrugated papers are single wall.

Available in both defence and commercial standards.

Corrugated Paper
Product CodeDescription Length Per Roll Bundle Qty Bundles 1-4Bundles 5 +Qty
PM/CP/1426 Commercial 1200mm 75M 1 £30.93 £27.84
PM/CP/1424 Commercial 900mm 75M 1 £22.59 £20.33
PM/CP/1419 Commercial 600mm 75M 1 £19.79 £17.81
PM/CP/1416 Commercial 450mm 75M 1 £17.27 £15.54
PM/CP/1421 Def Stan 81-99 600mm 75M 1 £21.99 £19.99
PM/CP/1420 Def Stan 81-99 900mm 75M 1 £29.99 £27.50

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